You are invited to attend the Dedication Cere-
mony and Homecoming at Black Swamp Methodist Church
on Wednesday, April 29, 1942 at eleven o'clock.
This ceremony will embrace the dedication of the
iron fence around the church and cemetery to the
memory of the late Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Martin, a
gift by their son, Benjamin Martin Jr., of Muskogee,

     The program will include an historical sketch
of the Black Swamp Church by S. Maner Martin of
Clemson College; presentation of family trees by
J.G. Lawton; a poem by Gladys Lawton. A picnic
lunch will be served on the grounds to be furnished
by the individuals.

     It is expected that a large number of relatives
and friends from various sections will be present
and we hope that nothing will prevent you from com-

Mrs. W.K. Smith
King Maner
Albert S. Lawton
Katherine L. Garnett
James C. Richardson
S. Maner Martin
     Trustees of the Black
     Swamp Church and Cemetery

From an original copy of the invitation of W. Jefferson Riley, now in the possession of his son, William J. Riley, Jr.