A history of the Black Swamp Methodist Church and Cemetery is being compiled. If you have any information or pictures you would like to share, please send them to Bill Riley.

History of the Black Swamp Methodist and Cemetery
Date Event Remarks & Links
1790 Black Swamp Methodist Church built. As documented by plaque on gate.
February 3, 1793 Francis Asbury preached at Black Swamp Methodist Church. As documented in Martin historical paper.
March 16, 1806 Oldest gravestone. John Morgandollar, age 53 (see rootsweb).
Late January-Early February 1865 Sherman's troops used Black Swamp Methodist Church for shelter. Church was not burned like most public buildings, churches and plantations (see Ref 2).
1897 Report on early Methodism in the Carolinas Excerpt about the Black Swamp Circuit from Early Methodism in the Carolinas by Rev. A.M. Chreitzberg
April 23, 1936 Marriage of Stiles Mikell Harper and Virginia Barnard Lawton Last couple to be married in the Black Swamp Methodist Church.
April 29, 1942 Dedication and Homecoming. New iron fence dedicated. See invitation and Martin historical paper. See also newspaper clipping about Historic Black Swamp Church.
August 27, 1968 Church destroyed by fire. Arson suspected - see Hampton County Guardian (circa September 1968).